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Weed Barrier - Land Supply Canada
Weed Barrier - Land Supply Canada

Weed Barrier

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Per sqft (Roll width is 7.5')

600N is manufactured using polypropylene fibers that are formed into a dimensionally stable network, which allows the fibers of artificial grass to maintain their relative position. 600N resists ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, and biological degradation and is inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals.

Protect your artificial grass in Toronto from the frustrating intrusion of weeds with our durable artificial turf weed-barrier. Perfect for commercial and residential artificial grass installation, premium weed barriers are the key to weed-free landscaping. Intricately woven polypropylene fibres protect artificial grass applications from the intrusion of nearby weeds to maintain the look and longevity of beautiful artificial turf landscaping in Toronto. Enhancing the defence against weeds and other pesky growths, this premium weed barrier enhances the longevity of artificial grass installations by increasing UV protection and decreasing the degradation of landscaping turf.




Tensile Strength (Grab)

ASTM  D4632 

160 x 160 lbs

Elongation (Grab)

ASTM D4632

50% x 50%

Trapezoidal Tear Strength

ASTM D4533

60 x 60 lbs

CBR Puncture

ASTM D6241

410 lbs

UV Resistance (500 hrs)

ASTM D4355 


Apparent Opening Size

ASTM D4751

70 US Std. Sieve


ASTM D4491

1.4 sec-1

Water Flow Rate

ASTM D4491

105 gpm/ft2