T°Cool Turf Infill (50lb bag) - Land Supply Canada
T°Cool Turf Infill (50lb bag) - Land Supply Canada

T°Cool Turf Infill (50lb bag)

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TºCool is the ultimate cooling infill that optimizes the look, feel, and performance of artificial grass in Canada. The advanced thermoregulation process uses hydrations from irrigation or precipitation to effectively maintain cool and comfortable turf surface temperatures between 1ºC - 10ºC. For heightened aesthetic appeal, mimicking the function of soil in natural grass, TºCool Infill supports each blade of artificial grass, holding the turf upright. Paired with premium artificial turf, the sustained cooling technology of TºCool Infill is an excellent fit for all outdoor artificial grass installations. The only synthetic infill of its kind, TºCool is 100% non-toxic and safe for commercial and residential use.

T°Cool is the only performance-based infill that provides for up to 10 degrees celsius cooler surface temperatures over any other available infill on the markеt. It does that by harvesting moisture from humidity, rain, and irrigation. It is very important to keep moisture content in the T°Cool turf system in order to power the evaporative cooling process. It also provides bio based antimicrobial protection which prevents mildew and mold growth that cause odors and stains.

The recommended amount of infill is 2-3lb per sqft.