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Storm Drain Channel Series Slim Inline Catch Basin

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The Storm Drain complete drainage system is easy to install and allows maximum flexibility in solving your drainage requirements around the home or light commercial applications. The systems design allows maximum flexibility in length of channels, corners and intersections. You can connect Storm Drain to Mole-Pipe or 4in. storm water pipes with bottom or end outlet, Inline collection pit, and prevent leaves or other debris clogging pipes or waterways with the Leaf Guard.

  • Preformed 4-in. outlets allow easy multiple connection of Mole-Pipe Female adaptor or 4-in. PVC pipe (using PVC Glue).
  • When installed the Inline pit looks like part of the Rain Drain channel
  • Fast and easy connection to Storm Drain Channels
  • To create a water-tight connection, apply RELN Part 000309 - 83 ml. Black Drainage Sealant to all pipe connections and assembly joints to ensure superior seal.


  • Length: 13.50 inches
  • Weight: 2.20 Lbs