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Sonos Roam Wireless Charger

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Charge your Sonos Roam Wireless speaker rapidly and reliably with this handy charger. It works with the ROAM1US1BLK model speaker by using magnets that align quickly and automatically to the speaker for seamless use. At the same time, it works in either of the speaker’s horizontal or vertical orientations, so it won't add bulk or interfere with playback.

  • Sonos Roam Charger is compatible with the ROAM1US1BLK model speaker
  • Magnets in the chargin pad attach quickly and seamlessly for fast, reliable use
  • Works with the Sonos speaker in both its horizontal and vertical orientations


  • Cable Length: 3.90 feet
  • Length: 2.44 inches 
  • Width: 0.57 inches
  • Height: 2.35 inches
  • Weight: 0.26 pounds