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Shock Absorbing Foam for Turf Echo Play

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Echo Play is used during artificial grass installations to maximize comfort and soften blows. The lightweight, durable polyethylene foam underlay enhances artificial grass with shock-absorbing technology, making artificial grass safe for play without compromising its draining capabilities. The addition of Echo Play to artificial grass installation reduces wear and extends the lifespan of turf in Canada. 

Suitable for outdoor playgrounds and indoor play areas, EchoPlay is a soft and durable artificial grass installation accessory that protects joint health during high-impact activities or exercise and reduces injury to the body in the event of slips or falls. EchoPlay can be custom fit to your space during artificial grass installation to enable safety in all landscaping, residential, and commercial turf applications.

Sheet size: 4'*6'

Material: Shock absorbing polyethylene foam

Fall rating of up to: 4'-8'