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Mole-Pipe Female Coupling

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Twist and seal Female connector, counter clockwise threads inside any MOLE-Pipe length of pipe to create a secure connections. Designed for joining two pieces of Mole-Pipe together, by snapping over the male end adapter. Also compatible with FlexGrate Downspout filter, Storm Drain End Outlet and Vortex Pit bottom outlet.

  • Easy to install
  • Joins two pieces of Mole-Pipe together
  • Compatible with Flex-Grate downspout filters, FLEX-Drain and 3in diameter pipes.
  • To create a water-tight connection, apply RELN Part 000309 - 83 ml. Black Drainage Sealant to all pipe connections and assembly joints to ensure superior seal.


  • Actual Inner Diameter: 3.00 inches 
  • Actual Outer Diameter: 4.00 inches
  • Assembled Height: 0.33 feet