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Interpet Pond Balance - Land Supply Canada

Interpet Pond Balance

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  • Eliminates string algae and organic debris in a pond.
  • Safe for fish and plants.
  • Starves algae by depriving them of specific and necessary nutrients.
  • Stimulates aquatic plant growth by promoting a natural ecological balance.
  • Like all natural products patience is required! Please allow 4-6 weeks to see complete results!

Pond Balance by Interpet is a non-algaecide solution to string algae troubles in a backyard pond or water garden. It is the most popular, safe algae control product used in England. Completely safe for goldfish and koi and aquatic plants, Pond Balance can also be used in any weather conditions as it doesn't cause oxygen depletion like many chemical algaecides can.

The key to success is that Pond Balance consumes specific nutrients that are only required by string algae, therefore starving the algae while not harming plants or fish. In fact, Pond Balance also contains plant stimulants and helps to keep a pond balanced naturally. Pond Balance works naturally with your pond's ecosystem, so patience is required to allow it time to work!

  • 20.6 lbs # 8753 - treats up to 20,000 gallons 3x!
  • Dosage estimates assume poor water quality.
  • A minimum of three doses is normally required (according to directions) to begin to see results.
  • Results may vary since many factors can impact pond clarity.

It is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to stay away from chemical algaecide


  • Smallest Size: 6.06 inches L x 4.01 inches W x 1.96 inches H
  • Largest Size: 11.50 inches L x 11.50 inches W x 9.00 inches H
  • Weight: 1.20 / 3.60 / 21.50 pounds