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Artisan Style Pizza Crust Mix

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Artisan Style Pizza Crust Mix

  • How to Use:

    • A blend of wheat flour and wheat farina
    • Milled from cleaned, sound US-grown hard winter wheat
    • Complete mix, just add yeast and water
    • Best if used within 270 days of the manufacturing date
    • Makes 4 - 6 dough balls.

Our chef swears by this, easy and very tasty!

This artisan pizza dough will give you a billowy soft crust, blistered bubbles, and a crispy bottom. It uses high hydration and a long fermentation time for maximum flavor and the perfect crackly, chewy texture. Once you learn how to handle it (and taste the finished pizza), I promise you will not look back to the denser doughs you have made in the past. 

Artisan pizza crusts for your home and wood-fired ovens just became a cinch! Developed by our excellent food scientists and tested by famous pizza industry chefs to ensure you have the utmost quality and simplicity at your fingertips when it comes to the high-performance dough for pizza, focaccia, and even artisan bread. Just add yeast and water, and your pizza just went supreme with this mix.