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14” Wooden Pizza Launch Peel - 2 pack

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14” Square New Zealand Wooden Pizza Peel

  • Light Sturdy Basswood
  • Fits a wide range of Pizza Size's 
  • Perfect gift for any pizza lover!

Not 1 but 2! Separating this product from all other conventional pinewood pizza peels. Sturdy, durable, and lightweight basswood with a fine, even texture ensures our peels are less prone to cracking & free of secreting oils that make their way into your food,

The large blade on this peel allows you to accommodate pies of any size, even up to extra-large. This saves you time and helps you balance the pizza when loading and unloading.

The handle on these peels makes it easy for you and your staff to safely load and remove pizzas, providing maximum control while keeping your hands away from the heat of the oven.